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Recap of the build

OK, I have some of the posts back but lost the photos. During the build, we decided to switch to Castle ESCs.  I know they were expensive, but they have a nifty warranty, so it was tough to turn that down.  Plus, the ability to change the rotation via software was a no-brainer.   Power… Read More »

Flight Controller—on the way – Entry 5

Been some time since I posted an update; not much to update here.  Purchased the flight controller yesterday and should have it on Tuesday next.  Of course, does no good without the rest of the components, which I seem to keep tweaking.  I may have to shut down the idea of the Sunnysky pancake motors… Read More »

The frame arrives – Entry 4

Wednesday, the frame arrived from UPS.  It was late in the day, and I was preparing for a business trip to Oklahoma City that evening.  Thursday I returned and cracked open the package. Some assembly will likely take place this weekend when I move most of the build components from my home to my brother’s… Read More »

Tarot FY 680 Pro Build – Entry 1

It’s possible I might be a bit premature since I really haven’t fully specced out the parts for the Tarot FY680 Pro build I am preparing, but I at least got the ball rolling initially with the purchase of a good soldering station (Hakko FX888D). Since this will be a build with my brother, he will… Read More »

My renewed interest in RC – Build Prologue

For those who know me, it’s really no secret that my father and I did not see eye to eye on much of anything, especially as I got into my later teens and adulthood.  Some of that smoothed out as we both got older.  However, there are still some hard feelings over things done in… Read More »