Recap of the build

By | May 5, 2015

OK, I have some of the posts back but lost the photos.

During the build, we decided to switch to Castle ESCs.  I know they were expensive, but they have a nifty warranty, so it was tough to turn that down.  Plus, the ability to change the rotation via software was a no-brainer.



Power sources wound up finally being a Zippy 8000 mAh 4S, then later I purchased a 10000 mAh Multistar 4S.

After a couple of test flights (2 of them were crashes while learning the Pixhawk flight modes; not much damage), we auto-tuned the copter on April 30th.  This is the flight post-tuning.

Note:  the above video contains a bit of harsh language

I still should auto-trim it (this is needed to keep the vehicle stable; it felt like it wanted to drift a little, hence the auto-trim requirement.

I will likely buy another battery and a GPS mast.  There are still some tweaks to be made, but next major purchase will be the optics.  Likely go with a GP3, using a minimOSD linked in with it.  Not sure if I want goggles or a heads up display, and still trying to decide which gimbal to use.

The problem with flying right now is my schedule.  And wind.  Which Oklahoma is famous for.  But, now that the hex is tuned, we should be able to test her in a little more winds, given that the AUW is now right at 3 kilos.

I hope to have more video of flying, and hopefully onboard video soon.

I’d love to hear any and all feedback and suggestions.