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Recap of the build

OK, I have some of the posts back but lost the photos.

During the build, we decided to switch to Castle ESCs.  I know they were expensive, but they have a nifty warranty, so it was tough to turn that down.  Plus, the ability to change the rotation via software was a no-brainer.



Power sources wound up finally being a Zippy 8000 mAh 4S, then later I purchased a 10000 mAh Multistar 4S.

After a couple of test flights (2 of them were crashes while learning the Pixhawk flight modes; not much damage), we auto-tuned the copter on April 30th.  This is the flight post-tuning.

Note:  the above video contains a bit of harsh language

I still should auto-trim it (this is needed to keep the vehicle stable; it felt like it wanted to drift a little, hence the auto-trim requirement.

I will likely buy another battery and a GPS mast.  There are still some tweaks to be made, but next major purchase will be the optics.  Likely go with a GP3, using a minimOSD linked in with it.  Not sure if I want goggles or a heads up display, and still trying to decide which gimbal to use.

The problem with flying right now is my schedule.  And wind.  Which Oklahoma is famous for.  But, now that the hex is tuned, we should be able to test her in a little more winds, given that the AUW is now right at 3 kilos.

I hope to have more video of flying, and hopefully onboard video soon.

I’d love to hear any and all feedback and suggestions.

The old site is toast..

…but I have the old posts in the DB so I should be able to restore them.

Before I do, however, some caveats.

I started this blog to document the build process of the hexacopter I was putting together starting around August of last year.  Things were progressing pretty normally.

Until the middle of January.

Some of you know I lived with my mother and have since about 2005.  Not because I’m a momma’s boy, but because she was semi-disabled and needed my help.  I could live just fine on my own, but always thought if I could help mom, I would, since I”m the only single child.  And other reasons.

She took ill in mid-January, and this was a usual thing for her.  Typically it was a stomach flu.  She might need to go the the doctor, she’d get pumped up with some anti-emitic medicine for nausea, the bug would go away in about a week.

That didn’t happen this time.

We got her to the hospital on January 21, which was a Wednesday.  By Friday she was some better.  Saturday she looked even better, but Saturday night started appearing tired.  The nurses called me up on Sunday night (Jan 25) and by 4 am Monday morning the 26th she was gone.

Needless to say I stopped all building and tweaking of the hexacopter as I was executor of her estate and had planning to do.  The kind of planning I didn’t know I would be doing this soon.  I just turned 48.

Some time passed and the hurt has dulled some.  April 14 rolled around, and life dealt me a second blow this year.

My Dad passed away also.

Now, my Dad and I, as you will note in my first restored posts, weren’t real close.  It would be accurate to say that I had very little relationship with this man after adulthood, and would rather not discuss the childhood portion of my time with him.

But both parents inside of 90 days is like piling on.

Now that is out of the way, I’ll get to work on restoring the site.  The dates will be a little strange, but I will try and restore them in chronological order.