Monthly Archives: September 2014

Motors, ESCs and new battery…but more delays — Entry 7

Purchased the Sunnysky V3508-20 580kv motors (bought 7 in case one was bad).  Bought RCTimer 30A ESCs already preloaded with SimonK and then bought a Turnigy Zippy 4S 8000mah 30 battery.

Now just need a decent charger.

That will likely be the Tenergy TB6AC4

Since this is a cooperative build with my brother, we are using his garage to build.  However, no build this weekend as we both had other personal issues this weekend.  As said, I still need a charger, and need to decide on what connectors to use for the battery, as I am not a huge fan of the 5.5mm bullet connectors on there.  I’m leaning to the EC5 connectors, so I will need those.

Pixhawk in hand, now about to finalize the parts – Entry 6

I have the flight controller in my possession now; after several weeks of hemming and hawing, I’ve decided to go with 580KV motors, a 4S power plant running 6000mah (and later maybe 2 batteries in parallel).  I will also be going with 30A ESCs.  I know I want a GoPro 3+ Hero and gimbal combo for the photography platform, but not sure if I want to tie the GP into the FPV to reduce clutter, or if I want a standalone FPV solution.

Flight Controller—on the way – Entry 5

Been some time since I posted an update; not much to update here.  Purchased the flight controller yesterday and should have it on Tuesday next.  Of course, does no good without the rest of the components, which I seem to keep tweaking.  I may have to shut down the idea of the Sunnysky pancake motors as many reports have the FY680 Pro motor mounting holes not aligning properly.  I’m looking at some alternatives, but have decided to stay with 580KV and will purchase Afro ESCs.  What I did get with the FC was the following:

  • 3DR Pixhawk flight controller
  • uBlox GPS w/compass
  • 933mhz telemetry kit
  • External LED and switch

The parts are now located where it can do the most good; at my brother’s house where we will be doing the build.  Looking forward to getting this thing really started.