Tarot FY 680 Pro Build – Entry 1

By | August 12, 2014

It’s possible I might be a bit premature since I really haven’t fully specced out the parts for the Tarot FY680 Pro build I am preparing, but I at least got the ball rolling initially with the purchase of a good soldering station (Hakko FX888D).

Since this will be a build with my brother, he will likely get the lion’s share of the iron duty, since he is not only a licensed electrician, but he also worked for Lowrance Electronics in his youth assembling fish finders and he is doing some modification to some Fender Stratocasters and the amps.  I am likely tasked with making sure the parts are ok, so I’ve been spending a lot of my free time lately (which hasn’t been a lot) reading up different parts and pieces to complete this build.  So far, my list includes:

  • Tarot FY680 Pro (Frame)
  • Sunnysky V3508-20 Kv580 Brushless Motor
  • DYS SimonK Program 30A Multirotor ESC
  • DJI Naza II FC/GPS OR Pixhawk (leaning towards the Pixhawk)
  • Taranis X9D RC Transmitter with X8R receiver (purchased and on the way)

This is a short list now as it’s just the essentials to start.  This build WILL have an FPV solution and video, but I’m not nearly as worried about that just yet…and yes, I do realize I need to decide based on my AUW.  I haven’t decided on batteries or propellers just yet either.  Much more reading to come.  But now that I have the TX/RX on the way, I feel like I’ve gotten the build started anyway and I’m all in.

Stay tuned, as I make progress the blog will be updated.