My renewed interest in RC – Build Prologue

By | August 10, 2014

For those who know me, it’s really no secret that my father and I did not see eye to eye on much of anything, especially as I got into my later teens and adulthood.  Some of that smoothed out as we both got older.  However, there are still some hard feelings over things done in the past that I won’t detail here.

However, one of the positives he instilled in me was a love of flight, initially through his love of RC (radio control) flying and allowing his sons to experience that with him.  From the age of about 10 through my teenage years at least once a month he would load up his model RC airplanes (almost all built either from a kit or from scratch via blueprints) and head out to the Tulsa Glue Dobbers field (which at the time was at 41st and 145th East Ave).  We would fly until his batteries ran out or he ran out of fuel.  Usually about 2 hours.

I didn’t think much of that until recently, when I got interested in flying DJI Phantom quadcopters.  More than one thing interested me about these flying machines.  The flying part AND the fact they had a functioning still/video camera on-board, with a way to see what the quadcopter was seeing the whole time via a smart phone app that received the video from the wi-fi transmitter of the on-board camera.

Once I had the Phantom and started flying it, I realized that I missed the part about the hobby that made it fuller for me — the construction of the aircraft themselves.

Over the course of the new few entries, I will be detailing a build that my brother and I will attempt on a hexcopter (six rotors/propellers).  It will likely take a while to complete, as anything of worth does.  Until then, enjoy a video taken from the Phantom.

Mannford flight from Mark B on Vimeo.